Mage: The Awakening

The beginning

The characters were brought together by two heralds. The Coin and Spider. They were asked to investigate a strange building that had essentially shown up as a hole to magical senses. Though this type of magic is usually Warden’s call sign, there had been no communication from the Guardian.

Characters went to the building to find it abandoned. In one lone apartment they found the corpse of Warden, a pile of ash, and a message left by Warden saying “The key is within her. GATC.”

After much magical investigation they were able to discern that the ashe was composed of several mystically significant elements.

Eventually a creature introducing itself as Mr. Grin inquired of the characters if they had found the key.

He appeared in a mirror, and was obviously not human. After some back and forth, Mr. Grin warned them of the “one eyed witch.” And that they will know her by her hands, but he offered no further details.

Later they investigated Warden’s office where they were attacked by someone who was completely cloaked except for one eye. After nearly eviscerating (Elly’s character) she teleported away.

They found a box full of severed pinkie fingers in Warden’s office, but nothing more of real significance.


Calabim Calabim

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